Education programmes and information on the dangers of drugs need to be channelled to youths and school students as they are valuable assets and easily exposed to such dangers. Apart from that, the use of the latest information technology and applications as well as roadshows to schools and villages must be continued and its frequency further increased. This is one of the ways to further enhance the initiative in disseminating information on the dangers of drugs to the public. The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office stated the matter during a working visit to the Narcotics Control Bureau this morning at the Narcotics Control Bureau Headquarters.

According to Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abdul Mokti bin Haji Mohd Daud, collaboration s with the government media such as Radio Television Brunei need to be enhanced with the broadcast of more interesting promo visuals on the dangers of drugs aside from delivering messages on the dangers of drugs. Yang Berhormat explained that these messages include the latest techniques of drug trafficking, techniques using the public to traffic drugs and others. On treatment and rehabilitation programmes, the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office stressed that the Narcotics Control Bureau need to carry out studies to assess the efficacy and results of the programmes arranged for the residents.

Yang Berhormat added that the results of the studies can be used to improve the existing programmes aside from seeing the best methods from other countries that can adapted to obtain better results. The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office also touched on plans for capacity building and development for the Narcotics Control Bureau's officers and staff. Yang Berhormat said that the officers and staff need to be given the latest and most appropriate training to strengthen, prepare and equip them from the skills, physical or even mental aspects to face the current challenges while carrying out their duties.

Yang Berhormat took a closer look at the department's branches including Administration, Security, General Services and Research. During the visit, Yang Berhormat launched the 'Banner kick-off' "The Prevalence of Drug Abuse Amongst Secondary and Post-Secondary Students", which is a joint research project between the Narcotics Control Bureau, Seameo Voctech and Institute Brunei Technical Education, IBTE. The project aimed to identify the Main Factors of School Students' Involvement in Drug Abuse aside from drafting suitable strategies and programmes for the group.

Source: Radio Television Brunei