The forest fire which occurred near the junction of the Telesai Tutong Earth Satellite, last Friday found a number of patches of suspicious fire areas. The Tutong District E Operation Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department explained that a plastic PVC pipe was also found lit up near the incident site. Awang Yahya bin Sahat, Commanding Officer of Bukit Beruang Fire Station shared the matter in an interview with RTB during a patrol along Telisai Tutong Highway.

The department reported the matter at the Tutong police Station for further action. It is an offence under section 277A (2) (a) Chapter 22 of the Penal Code for anyone to cause fires on purpose or due to carelessness or conducting any action related to fire until it jeopardises lives or assets or pollutes the atmosphere until it affects public health. If found guilty, offenders can face imprisonment of not more than 5 years or a fine or both.

The Fire and Rescue Department has reminded the public not to carry out open burning, either to clear land for farming or house compounds and other areas such construction sites which could spread and cause a big fire and destroy property or hazy condition. On finding a small fire anywhere such as bush fires along the roadside, the public are hoped to help and cooperate in extinguishing the small fire before it spreads to and becomes a huge fire. The public are also advised to extinguish cigarettes and do not throw cigarette butts rampantly. For people who like to hunt or other activities or recreation in the forest, avoid lighting a camp fire.

Any complaints can be directed to the Royal Brunei Police Force on 993 or the Fire and Rescue Department's Hotline 995 for any emergencies or talian Darussalam 123 for complaints of open burnings.

Source: Radio Television Brunei