Appointed village chiefs are entrusted and given the responsibility to lead and care for the affairs of the village and its residents as well as act as a bilateral medium between the government and the village community. Village chiefs should possess high integrity and personality and as local community leaders and village chiefs must have a number of specific characteristics among them courteous, trustworthy, just and patient. The call was made by Awang Mohamad Yassin bin Haji Ahmed, Acting Temburong District Officer at the Voting And Selection of Village Chief candidate for Kampung Tanjung Bungar, Mukim Batu Apoi, yesterday morning.

The Acting Temburong District Officer stressed that towards achieving the desire and vision to develop the village, specifically Kampung Tanjung Bungar, village leaders and residents need to work together and instil solidarity in together cultivating benefits as well as the village's welfare in a continuous manner. Thus, such ceremonies are opportunities for the residents to vote and select village chief candidates well and with precision and care.

The sole candidate for the village chief position is 55 year old Awang Gromical anak Mingan. Currently, he is working as a fire and rescue personnel at the Fire and Rescue Department. In the voting, Awang Gromical obtained one hundred and four 'yes' votes while two did not agree. The result of the voting will be submitted to the Board of Employment, Discipline, Disciplinary of the Penghulu Mukim and Ketua Kampung, Ministry of Home Affairs for further process. Present were Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu, member of the Legislative Council and Awang Mohamad Khairul Sahrul bin Haji Duahim, Assistant Temburong District Officer.

Source: Radio Television Brunei