Local entrepreneurs and youth are welcome to attend the entrepreneurship project of ‘Making Brunei Big’. The objective of the 3-day project is to empower, encourage and support local youth and entrepreneurs to become self-sustainable, as well as to create a network that supports each other to grow their businesses and ideas. The programme began yesterday afternoon at the DARe Building in Anggerek Desa.

Through this project, Big BWN Project is working with their American facilitator from Winrock International and the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, Little Rock, Arkansas USA; to provide the local and aspiring entrepreneurs with a unique platform to connect with others in business, in order for them to develop their businesses and take their leadership to the next level. It is also hoped to provide them with a space to find new partnership and networking opportunities. The programme addresses on the key challenges impacting on the growth of home based business initiatives, the lack of role models, low self-confidence, lack of technical expertise and limited access to appropriate networking and advisors which is a challenge for young entrepreneurs in the country. A series of different topics and discussions including leadership skills and professional development workshops will be presented in the project.

Source: Radio Television Brunei