Supermarkets are welcomed to provide continuous support by providing various healthy choices and to together enhance public awareness on the practice of healthy eating through activities or roadshows on health education. According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Professional at the Ministry of Health, such activity or roadshow can be held frequently such as organising the healthy food month. The Ministry of Health will always provide full support to any activity related to Health. Doctor Haji Zulaidi bin Haji Abdul Latif raised the matter yesterday afternoon at the Launching Ceremony of Healthy Supermarket Programme.

Doctor Haji Zulaidi said that such programme is hoped to be able to open opportunities and provide ways for the public to enhance knowledge and preference for healthy food and drinks. Aside from that, he added, it is also to show the important role of the private sector such as the supermarkets in influencing the public’s choice of food and their potential to improve the healthy eating status in the country.

The Sim Kim Huat Supermarket of Mata Mata Branch participates in the programme with its Healthy Supermarket component providing labels of “Pilihan Makanan Sihat” on selling racks to facilitate customers in identifying a healthier food selections and “Peringatan Mesra” label to encourage customers to select healthy food. The certificate of participation was handed over by Doctor Haji Zulaidi to Puan Hou Lee Hui, the Director and Purchasing Manager of Sim Kim Huat Trading Company Sendirian Berhad.

The Healthy Supermarket Programme was the 12th of its kind. The programme was first officiated in 2014 at the Manggis Branch of Hua Ho Department Store. The programme is in line with the strategic measures of Ministry of Health in tackling non-communicable diseases. Also present was Doctor Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Md Kassim, Head of Health Promotion Centre.

Source: Radio Television Brunei