In Tutong District, the Ukhuwah Islamiyyah Camp Programme was organised by Fikrah Club, Usuluddin Faculty of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers’ University College, KUPU SB for the students. The programme among other things aimed to provide exposure and experience among the college university students in fostering closer Islamiyyah relations with the village community. The 2-day programme is currently being held at Kampung Bukit Mosque.

Themed ‘Ukhuwah Penjana Negara Zikir’, the programme is highlighted with religious talks and tazkirah or gathering related to strong faith or akidah, muslim characters and the importance of ukhuwah or solidarity. It is organised in collaboration with the Islamic Da’wah Centre and Kampung Bukit Mosque in Tutong District.

Among the activities include Azan and Tausyeh Workshop, and da’wah to selected houses and community service. The annual activity which was launched since 2011 carry 3’S’ concepts – Syiar or Eminence, Salam or greeting and Silaturrahim or ties.

Source: Radio Television Brunei