Touching on filling job vacancies for penghulu and village chiefs, the Minister of Home Affairs, shared that the Ministry and the district offices is currently carrying out the recruitment process for the positions throughout the every district.

Yang Berhormat said, through advertisements made in 2018 saw 124 candidates applying for the posts of penghulu and village chief whereby a large number of them has academic qualifications from higher education institutions. The ministry will provide them with courses suitable for newly appointed mukim penghulu and village chiefs to ensure they have appropriate skills and ready to carry out their respective duties.

Yang Berhormat also shared the estimated one village one product, 1-K-1-P sales revenue for the four districts in 2018 which is six hundred ninety two thousand one hundred and 64 dollars. The initiatives that will be carried out in 2019 is to draft a memorandum of understanding for the community development department, Ministry of Interior, Thailand to bring in experts on one village one product to share their experience and assist in management as well as manufacture of the 1-K-1-P products so that it will be competitive at a higher level. At the same time, the ministry is increasing community participation through village entrepreneur registration to identify entrepreneurs and village enterprises with the potential to be developed and then raised as a Brunei Darussalam 1K1P Project.

Source: Radio Television Brunei