Following her interest since 6 years ago, a female youth has achieved her dream to climbed the Himalayas at the age of 26. Dayang Qurratu’aini Qayyimah binti Doctor Al-Haj Zeizy, a Lieutenant at the Royal Brunei Armed Forces went through a 14-day expedition. The solo expedition in the Himalayas was a challenge to herself, to test her endurance and ability in facing challenges and obstacles alone.

Dayang Qurratu’aini Qayyimah is the first Bruneian female to go on a solo expedition in the Himalayas. She expressed her satisfaction over her current achievement. According to her, among the challenges include three snow avalanches during her more than 4 thousand meters climb with harsh weather. Apart from the inspiration of a successful Saudi Arabian woman climber, she added that her success came from her high spirits and blessings of the parents and family.

Source: Radio Television Brunei