Demands for housing in Brunei Darussalam will increase with the country’s population increase up to half a million people by 2035. The government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam will continue to invest in infrastructure development including the construction of housing for the population in line with the vision of ‘Achieving High Quality Living Among the World’s Top 10 Countries by 2035’.

The housing development process is solely aimed at assuring the well-being of the country’s citizens and residents. The people’s quality of living can be improved with a continuous development process, of which the improvement of living quality is hoped to enhance productivity and in turn the strength of the country’s economy in together cultivating as well as support prosperity. The National Housing Scheme, RPN is one of the main components of the Brunei Darussalam National Housing Scheme social development agenda. The commitment and efforts made to provide public housing projects and plans which can fulfil the requirements and aspirations of the people from the aspects of quantity, quality and house ownership period are the focus of the National Housing Scheme.

The RPN is one of the largest programmes in the National Development Plan. The first RPN was at Kampong Lambak Kanan in Brunei Muara District. The RPN is hoped to provide facilities for citizens who do not own a house or land with suitable prices and truly flexible repayment periods so that all levels of the population can become home owners. Since its introduction 60 years ago, the RPN has continued to expand in the four districts. According to the latest statistics from the Housing Development Department, Ministry of Development, to-date, over 28 thousand houses and land lots have been awarded nationwide under the National Housing Scheme. From the number, more than 19 thousand are in the Brunei Muara District, over 6 thousand in Belait District, more than 2 thousand in Tutong District and more than 6 hundred in Temburong District.

The national housing scheme area is a comprehensive housing development concept with a land area for future public facilities. The development of housing which is an organised arrangement of houses, will become an added value to the beauty of Brunei Darussalam and at the same time establish a peaceful and joyous environment.

Source: Radio Television Brunei