Building and maintaining relations is vital in order to further strengthen relations between family members, neighbours and friends. Greeting one another, attending functions and visiting each other are among the ways of strengthening relations. This was highlighted in today’s Friday Sermon entitled, “mengeratkan Silaturahim” or Strengthening Relations.

The imam or prayer leader that it has been seen and read in mass and new media that there are a number of people living in difficulties and are less fortunate even though they still have family members who are capable of looking after and assisting them. This is where our role in strengthening relations starts by assisting the needy, either family members, neighbours or friends. Usually, relations are broken up due to several matters among them, feeling not contented, vengefulness, indecency, selfishness, being in debt, instigation, jealousy and others. However, the frequent cause of why there is a rift in relations is quarrels or disputes over worldly assets. The congregants are reminded that assets are only worldly decorations and it is better to focus on perpetual happiness in the hereafter as a path towards being closer and gaining the blessings of Allah SWT.

Source: Radio Television Brunei