As a continuous effort to seek blessings in any steps and planning towards improving the road safety for the well-being of all, the National Road Safety Council, MKKJR yesterday afternoon held the Mass Sunat Hajat prayer and Ratib Al-Attas at Kampung Lambak Kiri Indigineous Citizen Housing Scheme.

Present, Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport, Research and Development as Secretary of MKKJR and Awang Haji Hairul Mohd Daud bin Haji Abdul Karim, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Infocommunication, Cybersecurity, Strategy and Corporate at the Ministry of Transport and Info-Communications; and Awang Haji Osman bin Haji Md Jair, Chairman of the Brunei Insurance and Takaful Association, BITA as the Ambassador of MKKJR. The event also attended by teachers and 240 students from Dato Othman Religious School of Kampung Lambak Kiri Indigineous Citizen Housing Scheme. The mass sunat hajat prayer and reading of Ratib Al-Attas is a monthly event of the National Road Safety Council held specifically to seek belssings from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala so that the country, especially road users, is always protected from accidents and unwanted incidents.

Source: Radio Television Brunei