More than 70 Muslimah from the Muslimah Guidance Class, members of Mosque Muslimah Takmir Committee and Muslimah Mosque Congregants in Tutong District attended a programme on Refining Ways of Performing Prayers for the unwell. The programme was held at Kampung Bukit Mosque in the district yesterday morning.

The proper way to perform prayers during illness was explained by Dayang Norafilah binti Sulong and Dayangku Nur Ajaimah binti Pengiran Ajak, representative of the Patients' Prayer Help Service Assistant from the Religious Service Unit of Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital. Among other things, the programme aimed to provide more knowledge and understanding on problems related to solat or prayers during illness. The practical session included ways of performing ablution and tayammum during illness. Tayammum is a cleansing procedure using earth or dust that replaces ablution when no water is available.

The session was a follow-up of the first programme organised by the Muslimah Affairs Section of the Mosque Affairs Department in collaboration with the State Mufti Department at the Prime Minister's Office. Several participants welcomed the programme.

Source: Radio Television Brunei