The role of the police is to protect public interests and security. It is an important trust which has to be carried out during times of peace or emergencies. However, not matter how big the duty is, a police personnel must also always guard relations with Allah the Almighty or religious obligation such as the daily prayers. Taking this into account, the Islamic Religious Body of the Royal Brunei Police Force has held a two-day Fiqh Guidance Course for its personnel. The course ended yesterday afternoon at the Police Headquarters Surau in Gadong.

28 course participants received their certificates from Superintendent of Police Haji Mohd Khairul Amilin bin Haji Idris, the Acting Officer Comanding Police District of Tutong. The course included ways of performing payer while travelling or Solat Safar and prayer during times of fear or hostilities or Solat Khauf. The solat Safar is often combining and shortening two prayers, method called Jamak and Qasar.

Source: Radio Television Brunei