Several brands of cooking oil, powdered infant milk and rice were found sold by the Department of Economic Planning and Development, JPKE in the market by several business premises above the maximum prices set. JPKE also found other premises selling goods without displaying their prices.

10 compounds and 11 warning notices were issued for January for the offences of selling goods above the maximum prices set and without displaying prices. 20 business premises were found committing offences under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 and price display regulations in January 2019. The offences were found during the daily routine inspections throughout the country, where JPKE has released two compounds amounted Seven Hundred dollars respectively, Eight compounds amounted Five hundred dollars respectively and issued eleven warning notices.

JPKE reiterates that maximum prices are set on only twelve (12) items listed under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 including cooking oil, powdered infant milk, passenger motor vehicles, rice, sugar, and energy products. Businesses are encouraged to offer attractive prices to generate sales, despite the maximum prices set. Meanwhile, prices of other goods are subjected to market forces and consumers are advised to understand their rights and responsibilities to make informed purchase decisions and to get best value-for-money by comparing prices and substitutes in the market.

JPKE advises retailers to comply with the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 and price display regulations by ensuring price-controlled items are not sold above the approved maximum prices and prices of goods are clearly displayed on the premises. Non-compliance to the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 as well as its related regulations can result in businesses being issued a compound of not more than $1,000 after one warning notice. Subsequent offenders can be prosecuted and face a maximum fine of $20,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years by the court. Business owner and user can obtain the current maximum price from the PenggunaBijak / SmartConsumer mobile application.

Source: Radio Television Brunei