The Special Education Unit, UPK, Ministry of education has been and currently drafting several initiatives to further strengthen the better learning programmes in the primary and secondary levels. Among them are the special curriculum for the higher level special need students in the primary level. Meanwhile for the secondary level through the Pre-Vocational programme will be re-drafted aims for the curriculum to be able to meet the requirement skills by the industry. The matter was among touched by Awang Ali Yusri bin Abdul Ghafor, the Acting Head of UPK, yesterday morning during the Pre-Vocational Programme Certificate Presentation for 2014-2018 session.

In the field of sports, Awang Ali Yusri explained that UPK is cooperating with the Co-Curriculum Education Department in making the national sports a success which involving the special need students in sports according to designated category. Meanwhile, Awang Ali Yusri also urged the Pre-Vocational Programme graduate students to continue strive to become an independent, success and discipline adults as well as able to contribute towards the country’s economy and development. The hope is in line with the Wawasan Brunei 2035 to have a knowledgeable, skilled and civilised citizens and residents as well as possess a high life quality.

In the ceremony, 75 students who have completed the Pre-Vocational Programme course for five years received certificates handed over by Dayang Hajah Anis Faudzulani binti Haji Dzulkiflee, the Acting Chief of Director of Education. The Pre-Vocational Programme is one of the pathways to fulfil the urgency of the special need students for them to possess basic skill in vocational and able to become self-independent. During the ceremony, the pre-vocational students’ handwork from 22 secondary schools were showcased and sold to the public.

Source: Radio Television Brunei