For more working papers were tabled at the afternoon session of the Happy Family Conference. The working papers among other matters delved into the teachings of parents which will shape the children’s characteristics, aside from giving emphasis on worldly and hereafter education. The session also shared on the ‘Usaha Berkarih, Bejarih dan Belurih’ or be willing, hardworking and Achieve as well as the growing issue of unemployment.

The characteristic and behaviour of an individual is largely influenced by the parent’s pattern of nurturing and national educations contents. This was among the matters touched upon by Doctor Dayang Widad binti Haji Abdul Aziz, Lecturer at University Sultan Sharif Ali, UNISSA in her working paper entitled “Bagaimana Calak, Begitulah Kuihnya”. According to her, if the parents’ nurturing quality prioritises the cultivation of positive characteristics and disciplines, thus the children’s characteristics will be good and will establish a happy and loving environment in a family and home institution that is “Bayyiti Jannati” or My Home, My Heaven.

Meanwhile, the working paper “Pendidikan Duniawi dan Ukhrawi” underscored the education of children and youths as the responsibility of parents, relevant parties and the community. Doctor Dayang Hanan binti Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia (Dr.) Ustaz Haji Awang Abdul Aziz, Lecturer at UNISSA said that the role of parents, relevant parties and the community is vital in worldly and hereafter education as it requires life-long learning to establish a happy and prosperous family.

Meanwhile, Dayang Nur Haziyah binti Abd Rahman from Hazeeyah Agro Farm; Dayang Amalina binti Ash’ari from Nextacloud Technologies and Awang Haji Mohammad Hamiz bin Osman from Al-Huffaz Management in the working paper entitled “Bekarih, Bejarih dan Insya Allah, Belurih” among others shared that a family’s prosperity is dependent on the family’s economic strength. According to them, strong finances will bring about a comfortable life, prosperity, well-being and happiness in a family.

The issue of unemployment in the country is growing. In short, it is due to imbalance in the number of job seekers and job opportunities provided. In the working paper entitled “pengangguran” or Unemployment, Dayangku Hajah Nurul Ihsan binti Pengiran Haji Damit, Senior Human Resources Development Officer at the Ministry of Energy (Energy and Manpower) and Industry touched on the problems faced by the country, not only on the issue of the increasing quantity of manpower, as well as the quality between the type of qualification and skill of local manpower is not balanced with the job requirements.

Source: Radio Television Brunei