Religious programs are streamlined to produce pious and devoted people. The programs are based on balanced and outstanding education that always gives an emphasis on many aspects including the curriculum and related work movement. For January, the national religious programs carry the theme “Prayers Prevent Sinful and Deviant Behaviour”.

In the Brunei Muara District, the focus of the program was at the Perempuan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Haja Saleha Arab Religious School in Kampung Katok. It is filled with a Tazkirah titled “Solat Mencegah Perbuatan Keji dan Mungkar”, which among other matters, explained about prayers and sincerity, as well as being whole-heartedly devoted to Allah the Almighty in keeping away from evil and villainous acts.

The Pengiran Anak Puteri Norain Religious School was the focus of the program in the Tutong District. It was attended by some 266 students of Year 1, 4, 5 and 6. They listened to a talk emphasising on the obligatory five-times-a-day prayers – being the second pillar of Islam. The students also recited the Ratib Al-Attas and pray to Allah the Almighty to protect the king and nation.

In the Belait District, the program was held at the Sungai Liang Religious School. It was attended by more than 125 students. Apart from reciting the Ratib Al-Attas, they also pray for Allah the Almighty to protect the king and nation. A talk on the importance of performing the prayers explained that the act can bring Muslims closer to Allah Subhanahu Wataala, to seek forgiveness and to devote themselves to the Creator.

Meanwhile in the Temburong District, the program was held at the Sultan Hashim Religious School in Kampung Batu Apoi. A talk on the program’s theme was delivered by a speaker who explained about the obligatory prayers which can secure excellent people. The students also read a Doa, seeking protection from Allah the Almighty for the king and nation. Apart from the Tazkirah, they also recited the Ratib Al-Attas and read a Doa for the school new term. The national religious programs involve all Arabic and religious schools in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei