Through the Nationhood Unit of the Nationhood and Community Division, Department of Information of the Prime Minister’s Office continued its Nationhood Briefing Programme on ‘Our Sovereign, Appreciating the National Flag and the National Anthem of Brunei Darussalam’ at the Dewan Salambigar of the Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School.

The briefing session were also attended by the School Principal, Awang Mohammad Danny bin Aimi; the teaching staff and 225 Year 7 students.

Among the aims of the programme was to continue the efforts of the Department of Information in nurturing affection for the sovereign, religion, nation and country in addition to strengthening solidarity, patriotism and nationhood among students through the national anthem and national flag.

The contents of the programme included the Nationhood Briefing by the Head of the Nationhood Unit of the Nationhood and Community Division, Dayang Hajah Hamsah binti Datu Kerna Haji Jaya. The briefing covered topics on our sovereign, etiquette on hoisting the national flag and the historical background on the Brunei Darussalam national anthem, ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’.

The programme also featured a video on the national flag, ‘Kibarkanlah Dengan Megah Bendera Negara’ and animation on the etiquette on hoisting the national flag, ‘Tatacara Menaikkan Bendera Negara’.

The Department of Information held the nationhood quiz in order to enhance student understanding of the programme.

The briefing was concluded with prize presentation for students who succeeded in answering the quiz.

Source: Information Department Prime Minister’s Office Brunei Darussalam