The belief that some people embrace Islam simply to marry locals should be erased. In fact the community should accept the conversions to Islam with positive and open minds. The Acting Head of Da'wah Development at the Islamic Da'wah Centre stressed that the conversions should not be disputed because the people who embrace Islam are truly those who have received enlightenment from Allah the Almighty.

Awang Ali Hassan bin Muhd Said admits many people apply to embrace Islam in the country because of marriage or to seek aid, incentives or special privileges given to converts, stirring negative reactions from sections of society. However, he adds, not matter what the reason is, the community or society should accept them with a positive and open mind.

Awang Ali Hassan also shared some of the challenges faced by the Islamic Da'wah Centre in propagating Islam including family objections.

Despite the challenges, the Islamic Da'wah Centre has achieved its target of 400 to 500 hundred people embracing Islam every year. The propagation of Islam continues in the towns, villages, rural areas and the interior. The da'wah or propagation of Islam is not confined to locals but also to foreigners residing in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei