The Ministry of Education through the Curriculum Development Department are controlling the prices of textbooks and workbooks for the use of government and private primary and secondary schools in the local market. Continuous monitoring and visits to bookstores are also conducted and have found that the preparations for the supply of textbooks for the 2019 schooling session is running smoothly.

According to Dayang Hajah Asnah Binti Haji Wahab, Head of the Publication Unit, Curriculum development Department, Ministry Of Education, the books are jointly published by the department and local as well as overseas publishers. The books are sold through bookstores registered with the department and this is why the book prices are the same nationwide.

Dayang Hajah Asnah said that the supply of textbooks in the market nationwide for the 2019 schooling session is sufficient and is available since November this year.

If the supply of basic textbooks and workbooks for primary and secondary schools is unavailable at bookstores, the public, especially parents and guardians can visit the Curriculum Development Department Shop, Ground Floor, Ministry of Education new building, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, Berakas. The shop is open during workdays from 8 in the morning until 12 noon and from 2 until 3 in the afternoon or call 2384333.

Source: Radio Television Brunei