Two houses in Kampong Ayer collapsed early yesterday morning. A house that belonged to the family of Muma'ad Rezal Bin Antong Omar and Shahroni Bin Haji Matnor, was one of the homes involved in the incident that occurred at one yesterday morning. The mishap in Kampung Saba Darat 'B' also caused an electrical power failure and slight damage on another house.

One of the victims was very grateful that all members of his household and nearby relatives were unhurt although their houses were damaged. House owner, Awang Shahroni bin haji Matnor said he heard a loud bang as he was going to the bathroom. He ran into the house and saw the kitchen's wall collapsing. His sibling's home and that of another family had already collapsed totally. There was panic but neighbours who came in boats were quick to help.

The victims are now staying in the home of close relatives.

Source: Radio Television Brunei