The National Service Program, PKBN grooms and brings out the potential of youth as members of the community whose possess self-identity, big heart, discipline, visionary, religious and holistic personality. These qualities are crucial towards supporting the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept, Wawasan Brunei 2035 and making Brunei a Zikir Nation. Some 400 youths turned up to register for the 8th Intake of the National Service Program.

The new batch of trainees comprised students who are waiting for the results of their "O" and "A" level examinations. Also taking part in the 8th Intake were students from the technical and vocational schools - with some of them having left school. During the three-month-long training which began today, they are expected to undergo challenging and tough activities, including team-building and community-based programs. Parents and guardians placed high hopes that their children would become responsible and highly-disciplined youths who can contribute to the country's socio-economy development.

Source: Radio Television Brunei