The longest Jalinan or string of Kelupis a local varietry of glutinous rice cake wrapped in leaves with a length of 700 feet or 202 metres is hoped to create a world record. In conjunction with the 2018 Brunei December Festival, a company in the country is currently making more than 6 thousand kelupis beginning yesterday afternoon at the Seasons Restaurant in Centre Point Gadong.

More than 300 kilograms of Brunei Glutinous Rice is used to make the kelupis. Other ingredients include 3 litres of coconut milk, 300 bundles of local nyirik leaves; local pandan leaves and fine white salt. The Kelupis Jalin are made by 20 workers for the Royal Brunei Catering.

According to Awang Haji Duraim bin Haji Mohamaad, Manager of Ayu Atiqah Event Management, the aim of making the longest kelupis jalin is introduce the Brunei traditional food to the world. The idea to raise the name of the country was created through the Manager's aim of showing to the International world that Brunei Darussalam is also capable of recording its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Awang Haji Duraim explained vital matters in making Kelupis.

Source: Radio Television Brunei