The Primary School Assessment Exam results 2018 has been released. The Department of Examinations in its press release said that more than 6,260 candidates sat for the exam, 5,454 candidates achieved Grades A-D for the five subjects.

The attainment increased 1.4 percent compared to the attainment in 2017. 92 schools showed an achievement within 0.08 percent until 58.33 percent including 63 government schools and 29 private schools, while 9 more schools are comparable to its attainment last year. For the candidates' attainment that obtained Grades A-C for all five subjects among the candidates in the government schools achieved 68.6 percent with a total of 3 thousand 28 candidates out of 4 thousand 414 candidates increased 1.65 percent compared to last year.

A total of one thousand candidates or 16.08 percent showed an excellent result achieving Grade A in all 5 subjects with an increased 3.72 percent. From the total, 593 candidates are comprised of government school candidate. The attainment increased 4.67 percent compared to the attainment last year. In overall, 904 out of one thousand seven candidates achieved 5 Grade A comprised of Brunei citizens. 451 candidates from government schools achieved 4 Grade A and 1 Grade B. The result slips can be obtained from their respective schools and for private candidates can get them from the Department of Examinations during office hours.

Students' performance in the attainment of grades A to C in all 5 subjects offered at Primary School Assessment show a 10% increase in the past 4 years.

Students attaining grades A in all 5 PSR subjects in the past four years (since 2014) show an increase of 6 percent.

Student achievements to attain grades A to C in two core subjects, English and Mathematics both show improvements by 5 and 8 percent respectively.

Source: Radio Television Brunei