The close ties and bilateral cooperation between Brunei Darussalam and the Republic of Singapore has continued to grow and will further enhance especially in the areas of safety and security. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 4th Brunei Darussalam-Singapore Joint Training Annual Exchange Programme, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs said the programme symbolizes the close relationship between both countries.

Awang Ajman bin Haji Meludin also encourage participants to use the programmes as a platform towards lifelong learning and also build network and keep on sharing and exchanging information and best practices.

Meanwhile, Mr. T Raja Kumar, Deputy Permanent Secretary (International) at Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Singapore in his speech said the Annual Exchange program serves as an excellent platform for both officers to interact and bond with one another. Throughout the program, participants will visit a number of agencies in both countries to gain better understanding on the roles and functions of the agencies as well as share experiences and best practices especially concerning security issues and coordination procedures at the national level apart from developing leadership skills. The next programmes will be held in Republic of Singapore from 27th to 30th of this month.

Source: Radio Television Brunei