Aside from protecting the security and tranquillity of the Asia Pacific, the visit by the Russian Pacific Fleet missile cruiser 'Varyag' also aims to enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of military between Brunei Darussalam and Russia. This was among the matters shared by Rear Admiral Edward Michailov during an interview with RTB. The missile cruiser is in the country for a 6-day visit starting from the 18th of November at Muara Port.

The missile cruiser 'varyag' was opened to the public from 11 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon yesterday. Varyag is one of the premium class Russian guided missile cruisers and joined the Pacific Fleet in 1990. It was designed as a surface strike ship with anti- air and anti-submarine capabilities. With about 1 thousand crew members, the missile cruiser will depart for Singapore on the 23rd November.

Source: Radio Television Brunei