The Language and Literature Bureau play a role as publishing body that has the Standard Operation Procedure in selecting materials or manuscripts that are sent by authors. A number of aspects are taken into account in evaluating the author's works. This includes detecting plagiarism as well as confusing facts. This was explained by Awang Mohd Azurin bin Othman, Acting Deputy Director of the Language and Literature Bureau during an interview at the Publisher-Author Agreement Signing ceremony yesterday morning at Balai Sarmayuda of the Language and Literature Bureau.

He added that the manuscripts will be evaluated by the publication material evaluation committee, where they will make a report on what works are suitable to be published to the public. He said that such process will take 6 months to 1 year depending on book's volume.

Signing on behalf of the Language and Literature Bureau were its Acting Deputy Director and Dayang Hajah Norati binti Bakar, Acting Head of Book Planning Section. 24 authors signed the agreement, which acts as a recognition for the authors and at the same time, showed the bureau's continuous support to authors in the country in contributing beneficial knowledge for the future generation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei