The ASEAN Summit which is held annually acts as a platform for heads of state and ASEAN leaders to discuss on measure to maintain and enhance regional peace, security and stability as well as to enhance cooperation in politic, security, economy and socio-culture. The 33rs ASEAN Summit and Related Summits held at the Suntec Convention Centre, Republic of Singapore, gathers heads of state and government from 10 ASEAN member countries and dialogue partners with theme 'Resilience and Innovation'.

At the 32nd ASEAN Summit, held on the 28th April this year in the Republic of Singapore, the ASEAN leaders had stressed the ASEAN goal of One Vision, One Identity, One Community and the need for ASEAN to strengthen its collective resilience against growing transboundary threats, terrorism, climate change and cyber security. The summit also stressed that ASEAN need to make use of technology and innovation as sources of growth and development in order to improve ASEAN people's lives. The 33rd ASEAN Summit this year will highlight the theme 'Resilience and Innovation'. It encapsulates the vision for ASEAN to be united in the face of growing uncertainties in the global strategic landscape. ASEAN must also be adaptable and forward looking, in order to harness opportunities and manage challenges of digital technologies, and equip citizens with the skills required to build a future-ready ASEAN, whilst boosting capabilities in building smart cities. At the 33rd Summit, the ASEAN leaders are expected to adopt the ASEAN Smart Cities Framework and take stock of ASEAN's achievements this year in strengthening ASEAN's resilience and innovation. The leaders will also discuss how to take ASEAN forward at a time of geopolitical and economic change. At the 2nd Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP Summit, the ASEAN leaders RCEP together with their counterparts are also expected to discuss the process of the negotiations in order to support the Free Trade Agreement. Meanwhile at the 21st ASEAN Plus Three Summit and 13th East Asia Summit, the ASEAN leaders will exchange views on regional and international issues. The ASEAN Summit is hoped will be able to achieve its objective for the benefit of the ASEAN community.

Source: Radio Television Brunei