Brunei Darussalam is currently experiencing uncertain weather conditions with strong winds and thundershowers. The Fire and Rescue Department has advised the public to take precautionary measures and not to carry out any water or beach activities to avoid any unwanted incident. The statement was shared by Senior Superintendent of Fire and Rescue, Awang Nooraflan bin Awang Kachi. He added, uncertain weather conditions, strong winds and thundershowers can cause floods or flash floods, landslides, uproot trees and rough seas in several areas.

- The public are advised not to swim in bad weather or rough seas and strong currents; not to swim far from shore and knowing your own capabilities as well as to wear life jackets or buoys while out rescuing others.

- The public are advised not to go outside the house or drive unless necessary.

- Don't drive during heavy rain when visibility is very poor.

- If caught in bad weather, find a safe place to stop and stay in the car.

- If there is any sign of landslide, make early observation for any possibility, and evacuate the house if needed

- If there is any sign of lightning and thunder, seek a safe place immediately

- Do not park vehicles near risky areas such as near trees, electric poles and others.

Source: Radio Television Brunei