A perfect Prayer or Solat performed wholeheartedly is a shield which can prevent wrongdoings and deviations as well as obtain blessings from Allah. A perfect prayer begins with a perfect Wudhu’ or ablution which then determines the quality of the prayer. This was highlighted by the Raes of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB during the workshop on ‘Kaifiyat Wudhu dan Sembahyang Mazhab Syafie’.

Doctor Haji Adanan bin Haji Basar, the workshop facilitator among other matters gave the advice of maintaining the kaifiyat or correct manner of performing prayer including adhering to its rules and validity conditions, pillars of prayer as well as sunnah matters prior to performing prayer which includes cleaning the teeth with the siwak or sugi.

The workshop organized by the Anggerek Desa religious school also delved on the importance of ablution, which is one of the cleansing rituals in Islam, particularly for those performing prayer who are obligated to first perform ablution. More than 60 teachers from religious schools in the Brunei Dua ‘A’ area attended the one-day workshop.

Source: Radio Television Brunei