In the effort to raise the overall achievement of the public service, the government sector need to take an outward view by looking at the private sector's role. The Permanent Secretary (of Corporate Affairs and Public Administration) at the Prime Minister's Office, said the synergy with the private sector gives a wider perspective in identifying the best trouble-shooting solutions that can be utilised by all parties.

Speaking at the Closing Ceremony and Award Presentation of the 21st National Quality Control Circle (QCC) Convention, Awang Haji Roslan bin Haji Taja'ah said that in the rapid evolving technology era, Brunei need to consider to integrate the Information Technology (IT) in to the improvement and enhancement solutions. This way, he said the public service can look into the relevant IT hardware creation, and gives a value-added edge in the strive to strengthen the culture of innovation in the public sector.

The Special Award was given to the Survey Departmet, Ministry of Development. The Best Facilitator Award was won by Dayang Hajah Nona Lieza binti Haji Yahya, also of the Survey Department. The Best Presentation Award went to the BAKTI Team of the Public Works Department, Ministry of Development.

The Geospatial Technology Team (GST) of the Survey Department was the winner of the 21st QCC Convention. Second place went to the INFOFOTO Team of the Information Department, while the Life-Saver 995 Team of the Fire and Rescue Department was third.

Source: Radio Television Brunei