9 groups from 5 departments representing 3 ministries yesterday presented their projects during the Open Session of the 21st National Level Quality Control Circle, QCC Convention.

The Geospatial Technology team, GST, from the Survey Department, Ministry of Development, who won this edition’s QCC, showcased their project entitled ‘Kelewatan Mengemas Kini Rekod Pengeluaran Barang Guna Habis’. The project focuses on improvements and expediting the work process in handling consumables without involving any costs.

The project entitled ‘Permohonan Gambar Negatif Filem Lambat Diproses – Projek Rintis 1992’, was presented by the Infofoto team from the Information Department, Prime Minister’s Office. The project focuses on efforts to improve the service quality for picture application, specifically in the form of negative films, so that it does not take too long to be scanned into digital form.

The project entitled ‘Meningkatkan Kesedaran Kepada Orang Ramai Bagi Kepentingan Memiliki Alat Pemadam Api’, presented by the “Life-Saver-995” team of the Fire and Rescue Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, meanwhile, showcased the importance of possessing fire extinguishing equipment, be it in the home, office, air, sea and land vehicles as an early measure for extinguishing a fire and prevent it from getting bigger and spreading.

The QCC is one of the management methods introduced by the government since 1984. It focuses on continuous improvements towards enhancing the productivity and quality of the civil service towards achieving the objectives of Wawasan Brunei 2035. Aside from that, participation in the convention can also encourage innovation in the everyday work culture.

Source: Radio Television Brunei