Students need to be more active, innovative, progressive and independent, in line with the student-centred learning approach. Towards empowering the Malay-Indonesian Language as an elevated language of knowledge among the community and general public, the Language Council of Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia or MABBIM lecture was held yesterday morning.

The lecture themed ‘Peningkatan Literasi Bahasa Melayu/ Indonesia” or “Improvement in Malay/Indonesian Language literacy”, was delivered by Yang Berbahagia Doctor Zaharani bin Ahmad, an article writer from MABBIM member country, Malaysia, who discussed the authentic data language analysis, which is real language data used by corpus data society. Yang Berbahagia Doctor Zaharani in his talk also discussed the definition and idea of literacy, language proficiency, grammar proficiency and mastery of abbreviations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei