The Public Sector Performance Grading Programme, 3PSA, Through Star Rating is an instrument to assess and measure a Civil Service Organisation’s performance level as one of the efforts towards improvement, efficiency, performance efficacy, productivity and quality of service delivery. The programme is one of the activities in upholding the implementation of the Civil Service Framework, CSF, of which the Key Performance Indicator in the CSF contributes to the achievement of the National Performance, Government Effectiveness Index. The achievement of the Government Performance will assist in obtaining the second objective of Wawasan Negara 2 RIBU 35 which is high quality standard of living through excellent service delivery. The 3PSA is also part of the initiative upholding the 21st Century Civil Service Vision.

Out of 19 departments which have undergone the 3PSA assessment, 6 departments were awarded and recognised to have received 3 stars. The departments are Department of Town and Country Planning; Department of Immigration and National Registration; Pharmaceutical Services Department; Syariah Affairs Department; Land Department and the Labour Department.

The Department of Immigration and National Registration is one of the departments which received 3 stars. The department which is synonymous with dealing with the public, has inculcated a number of practices in its administration, including emphasising on every officer and staff on the need to know the department’s vision and mission as well as core business and values; working as a family or team and always helping one another; receiving reprimands with an open mind either from the head, peers or even the public. The department is also committed to carrying out the duties set to achieve the Clients Charter and cooperation with government and private agencies to further enhance the professionalism of officers and staff.

The Department of Immigration and National Registration has carried out a number of initiatives including the early reservation SMART Q system using the QueUP and Drop Box. In line with changes in technology, the department will further add a number of initiatives including payment using debit or credit cards and online applications of a number of related services.

Source: Radio Television Brunei