The use of high technology and modern system is one of the methodologies that help the agriculture industry entrepreneur to enhance productivity and competition. In an interview with RTB, the Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism said high increase in productivity is not only through growing number of manpower, land area or capital, but also the use of technology or a more effective and modern operational technique. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong also touched on the export-oriented high technology and productivity enhancement. Yang Berhormat added that export market exploration is vital as it is able to give significant contribution to the Gross Domestic Product, GDP.

Yang Berhormat believed that the agriculture industry entrepreneur can penetrate the export market, hence we need to fulfil demand from other countries’ authorities. Sectors that have been identified such as Poultry, Fishery and agriculture sectors. For the poultry sector, the target is to increase output from 100 million in 2015, to 300 million in 2020. While in the agriculture sector, which is valued at 60 million in 2015, is hoped to increase to 300 million in 2020, whereas the fishery sector, valued at 100 million in 2015, is targeted to increase 600 million in 2020.

Source: Radio Television Brunei