Brunei is among three countries in the region that has been declared Rubella-free. The statement was issued by the Western Asian Region of the World Health Organisation. Rubella virus is highly contagious, but it can be prevented through safe and cost-effective vaccination.

Since 2003, member states of the WHO for the Western Asian region, including Brunei, have implemented strategies and actions in eradicating Measles. In 2011, regional actions has been extensively widen to include Rubella eradication. Brunei has been declared free from Measles in 2015, along with five other countries or states. They are Australia, Macao China, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and Singapore.

In ensuring Brunei maintains the status of Measles and Rubella-free, support and cooperation from the people, especially parents and guardians, is crucial. This is to ensure that toddlers and young children get the immunisation vaccine as stated in their medical record.

Source: Radio Television Brunei