Services provided by local telecommunications firm Syarikat Progresif Cellular in Bandar Seri Begawan were explained to a group of Members of the Legislative Council this morning. The delegation was on a working visit to learn more about the telecommunication services in preparation for their meeting with the Ministry of Communications at the end of next month.

The visit started at the Progresif Training Room in Kampung Kiarong. Also visited was Progresif Radio which was launched in November last year. The radio service is a new innovation in the local radio and music industry that combines direct streaming and content on demand on a new mobile platform. Since its launch the Progresif Radio Application has been downloaded twenty thousand times.

The delegation proceeded to the Network Operations Centre and later to the Progresif Incubator Room which is a multi-functional co-working space that supports entrepreneurship and development of local ICT industry through innovation-supporting initiative. So far the Progresif Incubator Room has accommodated three start-ups, one of which is Syarikat Dart. The company offers local travel services and since it was located at the incubator room in early 2017, Dart has progressed and now can offer more than 2,500 trips a month.

The Members of the Legislative Council also toured the Progresif An-Nuha Branch in Kampung Tanjung Bunut. It is Progresif’s first branch and the only one that has a corporate division. Progresif was officiated in July 2014 and expanded rapidly to improve access to important stakeholders and clients. According to Progresif’s statistics, the number of clients or subscribers increased from fifty six thousand, one hundred and two in 2015 to one hundred, ninety eight thousand and eighty eight this year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei