It is an offence under the Medicines Order 2007 and Regulations under it, for individuals or companies, including online vendors to import, manufacture, distribute, advertise and sell medicinal products including traditional medicines, health supplements and cosmetic products without a permit from the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry of Health, the Order and Regulations are intended to ensure the safety and health of the country’s citizens and residents.

Under Section 77, Medicines Order 2007, the authorities can issue compound fines for any offence under the Order or any regulation under it by collecting from the offender a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars. Since 1st June 2018, the Ministry of Health has issued compound fines to individuals and companies found to have committed offences under the Medicines Order 2007 and Regulations under it.

The Ministry of Health says the objective of implementing the compound fines is a step towards strengthening control over the sale and supply medicinal products, traditional medicines, supplement and cosmetic products as well as ensuring the marketed products adhere to the enforced laws. It is also to ensure that only good quality and safe products can be used and marketed in the country.

For more details contact the Pharmacy Enforcement Section, Level One, Pharmaceutical Services Department Building, Kampung Madaras, Mukim Gadong A, at 2393298/2393301/2393230 extension 208 or email

Source: Radio Television Brunei