The Public Works Department, in a statement, said that it will undertake long-term mitigation programs at several identified flood-prone areas. The program will be carried out in the National Development Program.

The department issued the statement following Wednesday’s heavy downpour – causing flash floods at several areas in the Brunei Muara and Tutong Districts. The showers recorded the highest rainfall at 98 millimetres within an hour. Flash floods had submerged part of the main road in Kampung Bunut, Madewa, Beribi, Jangsak, STKRJ Katok “B” and Kampung Tanjung Bunut. Meanwhile in the Tutong District, the affected areas were Kampung Batang Mitus, Keriam and the Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme.

Among the contributing factors to the flash floods were blocked drains and gutters by dumped rubbish, earth and sand; and insufficient drainage system. In this regard, the department has taken the necessary actions by contacting the relevant agencies to clear the blocked drains and culverts.

Source: Radio Television Brunei