The Fire and Rescue Department received 40 reports on cases involving car fires from January to September this year. Loss is estimated to be at 212-thousand, 850 dollars. The Brunei Muara district received 30 calls on such cases; 7 cases in the Belait District and 3 in the Tutong District.

Among the causes of car fire are short circuits, mechanical, road accident impacts and arson. The Technical Assistant Director of the Fire and Rescue Department disclosed this in a media conference yesterday afternoon.

Pengiran Sabli Bin Pengiran Haji Damit also touched on the primary factor causing car fire, which is irresponsible drivers or users and mechanical workshops; leaving behind items that can cause fire in the vehicles, such as power banks and alterations that does not meet the circuit installation standards by certified technicians. To prevent such fires, the Fire and Rescue department advices that vehicles should be equipped with portable fire extinguishers and to carry out preventive maintenance.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Yusri bin Sheikh Haji Muhd Kadir, Enforcement Officer at the Land Transport Department stressed that cars modification is an offence under the Road Traffic Act and a compound fine will be issued. First offence will be fined 50 dollars; 150 dollars for the second offence, 300 dollars for the third, 500 dollars for the fourth and on the fifth offence, the driver will be brought before the court. Currently, there are 15 Class 'A' vehicle workshops registered with the Land Transport Department since it was introduced in 2016.

Source: Radio Television Brunei