Yesterday afternoon, the Mosque Takmir Committee Member Convention discussed on 3 more working papers that were presented by experts from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The first working paper was presented by Awang Abdul Syukur, 'Kasubdit Kemasjidan, Direktorat Urusan Agama Islam dan Pembinaan Syariah, and Direktorat Janderal Bimbingan Masyarakat Islam Indonesia' among other things highlighted in the duties of Indonesia's Ministry of Religious Affairs in managing takmir activities. In the presentation, Awang Abdul Syukur also underlined the characteristics that each Imam or prayer leader should have.

Meanwhile, Awang Jamali bin Mohammad Adnan, Head Senior Assistant Director, Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) presented the second working paper which stressed on the roles of takmir committee members in conducting takmir activities.

In the third working paper, Awang Adnan Abdul Hamid, Assistant Director of Strategic Community Approach Unit, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore also shared on the roles of committee members in conducting takmir activities. Apart from that, he also explained on the efforts of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore in building and developing human capital at the mosque level. In attendance was Awang Haji Amir Hisham bin Haji Masri, Acting Director of Mosque Affairs.

Source: Radio Television Brunei