ASEAN requires investments over 1 point 7 trillion US dollars annually over the next decade to meet its infrastructure needs. The requirement was discussed during the Plenary Session for Asia-Singapore Infrastructure Roundtable held at the Republic of Singapore. The session also shared the experiences on infrastructure development and investment and explored how the sector can leverage on technology to ensure resilience and sustainability. The meeting was attended by 250 government leaders, private sector executives and financial institutions in the region also discussed on Delivering Infrastructure Projects in ASEAN; Collaboration to Accelerate Infrastructure Development on the Asian Ministers Panel and The Resilience of Infrastructure-How does the future of sustainable and tech-enable infrastructure.

Representing Brunei Darussalam at the meeting was Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Suhaimi bin Haji Gafar, Minister of Development. Yang Berhormat was among the invited speakers for the Asian Ministers Panel under the 2nd plenary session. During the session, Brunei Darussalam also shared about the infrastructure plans, visions for Brunei in the context of Brunei Wawasan 2035 and plans to reduce Brunei's dependency on oil and gas sectors.

The discussion led to addressing the challenging issues of several countries in Southeast Asia that have been heavily investing in ambitious programs, seeking to accelerate infrastructure spending and how that creates opportunities for further collaboration in the region in terms of infrastructure projects. Brunei Darussalam also shared on some of the challenges face in sustaining infrastructure development referring to the fact that many governments relying on private sectors to finance some of the infrastructure projects and how these challenges can be addressed through partnerships.

The discussion also touched on the spirit of collaboration where solutions from ASEAN countries such as Singapore or Thailand can provide an opportunity of collaboration to supplement existing infrastructure and catalyst Brunei's infrastructure vision.

The Minister of Development also made a courtesy call to His Excellency, Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development, Republic of Singapore and Second Minister for Finance. During the courtesy call, both sides referred to further future collaborations and partnerships as well as building a closer network for more practical and concrete cooperation especially in initiatives that exchanges policies and experiences in the relevant areas that includes building capacity programs in particular in the area of sustainable infrastructure.

Source: Radio Television Brunei