Telecommunications services issues were highlighted when a delegation of Members of the Legislative Council made a working visit to Data Stream Technologies Sendirian Berhad, DST this morning. The delegation’s mission was to get a clearer picture of the services offered by the country’s telecommunications or TELCO service providers in preparation for a meeting with the Ministry of Communications at the end of next month.

The 12 Members of the Legislative Council were briefed on the importance of progressing to build the economy in line with the global context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This includes strategic business towards digital transformation through investment in human resource capital, shifting from traditional telecommunications infrastructure and systems, and upgrading towards the digital system portfolio, business model as well as the creation of digital culture.

The itinerary included an exhibition at the main lobby of the DST Building that showcased various smart gadgets and devices imported into Brunei Darussalam. The delegation also toured the Kristal FM Studio. Kristal FM Radio Station is operated by Kristal Media Sendirian Berhad, a subsidiary of the DST Group of Companies and started broadcasting on the 2nd of January 1999.

The Members of the Legislative Council also visited the DST Tower in Kampung Rimba. The telecommunications tower houses the ‘transmitter antenna signal’ which facilitates network access for providing services to DST’s clients. As a further step towards improving the quality and standard of telecommunications in Brunei Darussalam, DST continues to upgrade its network coverage and continuous services. So far DST has more than two hundred 2G sites, and more than three hundred 3G and 4G sites. More new base station sites are being planned. According to AITI statistics, the rate of mobile penetration is now 131 percent, an increase from 129.3 percent in the previous year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei