The success of two local agriculture developers gained the attention of the Tithe Recipient Capacity Building Programme, PROPAZ participants. The visit to two vegetable and fruit farms operated by the locals not only attracted the participants but encourages them to venture into agriculture which can yield sufficient income. The visit is one of the initiatives of the department of Agriculture and Agrifood, in upholding the implementation of the programme organised by the Islamic Religious Council Department.

Ameenfarm Agrotech and Trading, was among the places visited. Vegetables and fruits were among the crops planted at the 4 hectare farm located at the Kilanas Agriculture Development Area, Kilanas Agriculture Research Centre. Awang Haji Irwandy bin Haji Lois, the company’s owner, briefed the participants on the crops planted using the fertigation system. The farm was initially developed as an agriculture Pioneer Project in 2016 using high technological systems to produce a high yield of vegetables and fruits. Last year, the farm produced over 3 metric tonnes of vegetables and fruits. Throughout the first five months of this year, the yield has increased to almost 5 metric tonnes.

Riverland Agricultural farm owned by Dayang Rudziah binti Haji Matassim also received the attention of the delegation. In operation since 2015, the farm plants hydroponic salad type vegetables as the main crop. Participants were briefed on the hydroponic system by Awang Haji Ismail bin Haji Sabani, the company’s manager. The farm also plants various types of high value fruits and vegetables such as asparagus and passion fruit. In 2016, the farm produced more than 12 metric tonnes of fruits and vegetables, which last year has increased to more than 20 metric tonnes. The visit aimed to attract the interest of the programme’s participants in agriculture.

Source: Radio Television Brunei