An attempt to smuggle contraband goods into the country was successfully foiled by the ‘C’ Company of the Reserve Unit, Royal Brunei Police Force, last night.

The suspect, 31 year old local man, Mohammad Faisal bin Zainal, was apprehended when going through the back trails of a Paddy field area in Kampung Bebuloh during a patrol by the ‘C’ Company of the Reserve Unit. The suspect was found to be in possession of 60 cans of alcohol in his vehicle. All contraband items was confiscated and brought to the Limau Manis Police Station for further investigation. The case is investigated under the Excise Order 2006 as well as under the Immigration Act, Chapter 17. If found guilty, a fine of not less that 6 times and not more than 20 times the tax value of the confiscated contraband goods will be issued. Failure to pay the fine will result in imprisonment according to the orders of the Court.

Source: Radio Television Brunei