Convert monitoring visits conducted by the Islamic Da'wah Centre is among the department's continuous initiatives and efforts in providing care, attention and guidance to the converts. The visits also act as a platform in instilling religious appreciation among them. Yesterday morning, a team from the Islamic Da'wah Centre visited a family of converts at Kampung Long Mayan in the Tutong District.

The delegation was led by Awang Haji Abd Rajid bin Haji Mohd Salleh, the Director of the Islamic Da'wah Centre. The officers visited the house of Dayang Saraini binti Abdullah Kotos. During the meeting, Dayang Saraini also received contributions in the form of basic necessities.

The visit continued with a paddy harvesting activity with converts in the district. The activity was held at a paddy field owned by a convert, Awang Muhammad Abas bin Abdullah Aping at Kampung Bukit.

The Islamic Da'wah Centre expressed the hope that the activity would produce converts who are capable of helping other converts to become self-reliant or independent and to develop not only in the aspect of aqidah but also in economy.

The country's people have been urged to explore agriculture as a way of becoming self-sufficient and the call received good response from a paddy planter.

Source: Radio Television Brunei