The support and attention from parents play a vital role in assisting to improve the achievements of their children who will be sitting for their exams in the near future. Teaching methods which include motivational talks as well as spiritual activities such as Sunat Hajat prayers and reading of Surah Yassin also seek to help the students when sitting for their exams. These were among the contents of a talk during the Halaqah Zikir ceremony for Primary School pupils in the Tutong district yesterday morning. The ceremony took place at the Kampung Danau Mosque, Tutong.

The ceremony was conducted by the Tutong District Mosque Affairs Office with the cooperation of the takmir committee members and muslimah of Kampung Danau Mosque and the Parents and Teachers Association. It coincided with the 'Restu dan Izin ilmu' program which was filled with a mass Sunat Hajat prayer and the reading of Surah Yassin, which involved more than 60 Year 6 pupils of Danau Primary School who will be sitting for the Primary School Assessment, PSR exams on the 18th of October. A motivational talk was also held, which advised students to improve their focus in studies and prepare themselves mentally and physically to achieve success and excellence.

Source: Radio Television Brunei