The Civil Service Day celebrated every 29th of September marks the civil servants solidarity and support to become more productive, efficient, innovative and dynamic. The climax of the 25th Civil Service Day Celebration will takes place on the 31st of October. The celebration is hoped to motivate civil servants in providing an efficient, clean, honest, quality and productive services.

Towards realising Wawasan 2035, which is the implementation of transformation or changes to a more positive and constructive ways, civil servants are required to have the strength and spirit towards development according to their own abilities and based on Islamic teaching. This year’s Civil Service Day Celebration carries the theme “Transformasi Ke Arah Perkhidmatan Awam Yang Progresif” or “Transformation towards a Progressive Civil Service”. Civil Service in the country is going through an era of rapid challenges and changes which is partly closely-related to the survival of the community and nation in the future. Transformation means being more responsive to the aspiration and being more attentive towards the needs of the society. This includes, transformation in the way of thinking as well as action in executing the government’s policy towards realising the Wawasan Negara.

According to Civil Service Department’s statistics, up to 31st of July this year, 50 thousand 854 people are working under the Government Ministries and Departments. They comprise, more than 27 thousand female officers and staff. Out of the total, over 37 thousand staff members are in the permanent service; 2 thousand 805 are in month-to-month service; 1 thousand 213 are working under contract; 6 thousand 11 people are working on open vote and 3 thousand 170 people are serving on daily-paid basis.

During the era of rapid changes, each civil servant needs to have a creative and innovative attitude of mind in facing the latest challenges in civil administration. With such ability, the civil servants will be capable of critical thinking as well as the desire and courage to make changes. Hence, it is important for all civil service agencies to emphasise on a dynamic, creative and progressive work culture as well as full commitment in implementing changes and continuous improvement.

Source: Radio Television Brunei