The Hijrah or migration of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam has provided many good examples and lessons for the Muslim ummah up to this day. Hijrah is also related to change, either physical or mental change, the change of heart or attitude or even change in life. This was among the content of a talk in conjunction with the 1440 Hijrah New Year Celebration organised by the Kampung Batang Mitus/Kebia New Converts Guidance Class last evening.

The talk titled ‘Ilmu dan Amal Nadi Wawasan Negara’ was delivered by Awang Ali Hassan bin Mohd Said, Acting Head of Dakwah Propagation Section at the Islamic Dakwah Centre. The talk among other things highlighted on the benefits of Hijrah. It is hoped that the talk can help to improve the new convert’s piety at the said village apart from increasing their knowledge and faith in Islam. Among those present was Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Awang Haji Othman bin Uking, Advisor of Tutong District New Converts Association, PESATU.

Source: Radio Television Brunei