The agricultural fertigation system is a modern integrated system for a sophisticated and effective farm management. Such technology allows farmers to used fertilisation and irrigation process simultaneously in providing a required nutrient for trees. Yesterday, 41 students of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB undergo practical session for agricultural fertigation system at AmeenFarm, Brunei Agriculture Research Centre, Kampung Tanjong Bunut.

Such project is a step to encourage and enhance their skills in agricultural entrepreneurship. The system facilitates the process of planting and against pesticides and at the same time, space, time and energy-efficiency. Among the objective of the project is to introduce the students on fertigation system in modern agriculture as well as to produce an attentive and responsible students towards the community and nation's need.

The project organised by "Nadi Pertanian" was held for the first time at KUPU SB. The "Nadi Pertanian" is a course under the Self Potential Co-Curriculum Development Programme. It is one of the programme that aimed to produce multi-skilled individuals which are highly-competitive, creative, innovative and pro-active.

Source: Radio Television Brunei